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Updated: 2018-03-15 16:03
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RDF-Inference Release 0.0.1 (April 19th 2010)

Git: http://github.com/pius/rdf-inference
Author: Pius Uzamere

Copyright: Pius Uzamere © 2010 License: MIT License


RDF-Inference is a Ruby library for inferencing over a corpus of RDF::Statements with RDFS and OWL properties. Implements the RDF Schema Language (RDFs) properties as a set of production rules. The rules are executed by Ruleby, a forward-chaining Ruby inferencing engine that implements the Rete algorithm.


  1. RDF-Inference can inference over basic RDFS: When finished, this library will have a full test suite and can serve as a maintainable reference implementation of an RDFS inferencer in Ruby. In particular, the following statements are supported:
  • rdfs:subClassOf
  • rdfs:subPropertyOf
  • rdfs:domain
  • rdfs:range
  1. RDF-Inference can inference over RDFS-Plus (RDFS plus a small subset of OWL): RDFS-Plus, as defined in "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist" is RDFS plus a small subset of OWL, commonly used in the field. In particular, the following statements are supported:
  • rdfs:subClassOf
  • rdfs:subPropertyOf
  • rdfs:domain
  • rdfs:range
  • owl:inverseOf
  • owl:SymmetricProperty
  • owl:TransitiveProperty
  • owl:equivalentClass
  • owl:equivalentProperty
  • owl:sameAs
  • owl:FunctionalProperty
  • owl:InverseFunctionalProperty


  1. Make Sure You've Got the Dependencies installed

RDF-Inference depends on Ruleby (http://ruleby.org).

sudo gem install ruleby

  1. Clone the Repository and Install the Gem from Source

git clone git://github.com/pius/rdf-inference.git cd rdf-inference gem build .gemspec sudo gem install rdf-inference

  1. Require the gem in your code, play with it

For usage, the best thing is to click through the documentation. I tried to make it really thorough. If you need more guidance, check out the specs, which demonstrate precisely how to instantiate RDF::Statements and run the inferencing engine.

  1. Contribute!

Fork my repository (http://github.com/pius/rdf-inference), make some changes, and send along a pull request!

The best way to contribute is to add a unit test for a specific OWL property that does not parse and then add (and/or tweak) rules such that your new test case plus all the others pass.


RDF-Inference was created in 2008 by Pius Uzamere (pius -AT- alum -DOT- mit -DOT- edu) and is
licensed under the MIT License.

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