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Updated: 2016-05-08 20:46
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Paperclipped SWFObject Add-on

This extension adds support for embedding/displaying Flash movies (.swf files), managed via Paperclipped, in to your Radiant site via the SWFObject method of dynamic publishing.

Two tags are available:

<r:assets:swfembed [flash_version="<string>"] [namespace="<string>"]/>

<r:assets:swfobject id="<integer>" [namespace="<string>"] [alt="<string>"] />


This tag should be placed within your document <head> tag. If any .swf files are attached to the page currently being displayed, this tag will output javascript include for swfobject.js, as well as an swfEmbed call for each attached .swf asset.


flash_version (Optional): Used to specify the minimum required version of Macromedia/Adobe Flash Player. (Defaults to "9.0.0")

namespace (Optional): Used to specify a namespace for the html id attributes used to identify the Flash content container. This namespace is suffixed with the ID of the Paperclipped Asset being referenced to create the final id. (Defaults to pcswf_)

TODO: Support for flashvars and other params.

Namespace Example

If the namespace is pcswf_ and the ID of the attribute being referenced is 6, then the ID attribute of the Flash container will be pcswf_6.


This tag should be placed where you would like the Flash movie to appear in your document. It can be used as either a double or a single tag.

  • If used as a double tag, the contents of the tag will be used as the alternate content when either the Flash player is not present or Javascript is disabled.
  • If used as a single tag, the alternate content can be specified using the alt attribute.
  • If used as a single tag AND no alt attribute is specified, the default alternate content will be inserted (see below).


id (Required, unless an asset has already been set in to context by an outer r:assets tag): Used to identify the asset being referenced. This corresponds to the database ID of the Asset. Note: Specifying an asset via the title attribute, as is supported in Paperclipped, is not supported here.

namespace (Optional): Used to specify a namespace for the html id attributes used to identify the Flash content container. This namespace is suffixed with the ID of the Paperclipped Asset being referenced to create the final id. **This should match the namespace specified in the r:assets:swfembed tag. (Defaults to pcswf_)

Default Alternate Content

The default alternate content for the Flash movie can be specified via the Radiant Config key assets.swfobject.default_alternate_content. For example, at the console you could issue:

Radiant::Config['assets.swfobject.default_alternate_content'] = "My alternate content"

You can also use the Settings Extension to manage this and all of the other Radiant Config values.

If no value is given for this Config key, the extension falls back on its default alternate content, which is currently set as the following:

<div class="swfalt">
    In order to view this content, you must have the Flash Player
    installed, and Javascript enabled in your browser.

TODO: Add helpful links to this default content for installing Flash Player or enabling Javascript.


Place the extension files within the directory vendor/extensions/paperclipped_swfobject and run

rake radiant:extensions:paperclipped_swfobject:update

This rake task copies 2 files to your project's public directory:

  1. javascripts/swfobject.js: The SWFObject javascript
  2. images/expressInstall.swf: A default express installation movie (See the SWFObject Documentation for more information) (Note: I haven't even tried this out yet... not really sure what value it adds)


  1. Using the Paperclipped Assets manager, upload an SWF File
  2. Using the Paperclipped Assets Bucket, attach an SWF File to a page
  3. Place the r:assets:swfembed tag within your <head> tag (probably in a layout)
  4. Place an r:assets:swfobject tag within your page where you would like your SWF to appear

Dependencies and Versions

This extension includes swf-util, and open-source application that reads SWF headers. It is used within this extension to automatically deduce the width and height of the Flash Movie. The trunk version as of Dec. 29th, 2008 has been included.

This extension includes version 2.1 of SWFObject, an open-source application used to embed Flash movies using web standards.


This extension and documentation are still very alpha and untested. I will likely contact the maintainer of Paperclipped to see about folding this functionality in to that project.

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