Created: 2008-12-28 19:28
Updated: 2016-05-08 20:40
License: mit

twitter-sms: Twitter SMS for the rest of us.

Twitter-sms bridges the gap left by when it removed SMS capability for many countries. Twitter-sms runs in the background and periodically checks Twitter for new tweets; When new tweets are found they are forwarded via a gmail account to your mobile phone's email address.

All it requires is:

  • A running computer with internet access and Ruby installed. (*nix systems only for the moment.),
  • A google email address (to forward messages from) and,
  • An SMS capable phone with an email-to-sms email address. (i.e. that automatically forwards messages to your phone as SMS)

DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind that it MAY cost you to receive text message on your email address; I am not responsable for any costs incurred to you using this program.


To use twitter-sms you will need only to create the config file "~/.twitter-sms.conf" and fill it with the necessary YAML mappings.

Here is an example conf:

  email: ""
  password: p0n33zR0oL
  name: rkneufeld
  password: p0n33zR0oL
  phone: ""
  per_hour: 12
  keep_alive: true

This config will cause the script to run forever; sending you the last 5 minutes tweets every 5 minutes. (60 / 5 == 12)

One can also run the script as a cron job; instructions to follow soon...


Since I won't be giving everyone the password to my bot's gmail account I'll provide you with what the "test/test.conf" file should look like. You MUST have active internet access for tests to pass. bot: email: "#{INSERT_BOT_GMAIL_ACCOUNT}" password: #{INSERT_BOT_PASSWORD} user: name: "#{INSERT_VALID_TWITTER_ACCOUNT}" password: #{INSERT_TWITTER_PASSWORD} phone: "#{INSERT_BOT_GMAIL_ACCOUNT}" # <-- This is important, the test emails itself config: keep_alive: false own_tweets: true

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