Created: 2008-12-26 02:50
Updated: 2018-12-30 03:24


Getting Started

> git clone git:// my_app_name
> cd my_app_name
> ruby rename.rb my_app_name
> gem install bundler
> bundle install
> rake db:migrate
> rake db:test:prepare
> bundle exec guard


The app is setup to separate the web application (HTML) from the API (JSON). You will find the API controllers in the app/controllers/api which have their own sessions and registration controllers.

Useful tools


  • rspec
  • cucumber
  • factory_girl
  • faker
  • guard

Code Quality

  • simplecov
  • rails_best_practices

To run the analysis:

> rake analyzer:all


You should be able to deploy to Heroku using heroku-san. The staging, demo, and production configurations can be found in config/heroku.yml


The original scaffold for this application was created by App Scrolls.

scrolls new BaseJumper -s guard jquery rails_admin rails_basics rspec cucumber capybara simple_form sqlite3 twitter_bootstrap unicorn env_yaml

The project was created with the following scrolls:

  • capybara
  • cucumber
  • env_yaml
  • guard
  • jquery
  • rails_admin
  • rails_basics
  • rspec
  • sqlite3
  • twitter_bootstrap
  • simple_form
  • unicorn

Also added:

  • cancan
  • role_model
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