Created: 2008-12-24 23:31
Updated: 2017-05-11 14:20
License: mit

Still a work in progress, not released yet


What's it for?

Data binding! Keep many objects up-to-date without any of your objects knowing about eachother.

How it works


  1. Create some objects that implement the controller client api

    • Read/Write objects must implement get, set, Events & the 'change' event

        readWriteObject1 = {
        	get: function(){},
        	set: function(){},
        	addEvent: function(type){}
        readWriteObject2 = {
        	get: function(){},
        	set: function(){},
        	addEvent: function(type){}
    • Read only objects have to implement set with both a key and value argument

        readOnlyObject1 = { set: function(key,value){} }
        readOnlyObject2 = { set: function(key,value){} }
    • Custom functions only have to support a single argument

        customFunction1 = function(value){};
        customFunction2 = function(value){};
  2. Create a controller

     var myController = new SubtleController();
  3. Bind your objects to the controller

     myController.addBinding(readWriteObject1, 'controllerKey', 'readWriteObject1Key');
     myController.addBinding(readWriteObject2, 'controllerKey', 'readWriteObject2Key');
     myController.addBinding(readOnlyObject1, 'controllerKey', 'readOnlyObject1Key');
     myController.addBinding(readOnlyObject2, 'controllerKey', 'readOnlyObject2Key');
     myController.addBinding(customFunction1, 'controllerKey');
     myController.addBinding(customFunction2, 'controllerKey');

Automatic Updates

  1. Modify one of your read/write objects

     readWriteObject1.set('readWriteObject1Key', 'some random value');
  2. Commit your changes by firing the change event
    optionally, you may pass a string, or array of strings, for the keys that have changed

     readWriteObject1.fireEvent('change', 'readWriteObject1Key');
  3. The Controller updates itself with the updated values. It does this itself

     myController.set('controllerKey', readWriteObject1.get('viewKey'));
  4. The Controller updates all the bindings. It does this itself

     readWriteObject1.set('readWriteObject1Key', myController.get('controllerKey'));
     readWriteObject2.set('readWriteObject2Key', myController.get('controllerKey'));
     readOnlyObject1.set('readOnlyObject1Key', myController.get('controllerKey'));
     readOnlyObject2.set('readOnlyObject2Key', myController.get('controllerKey'));
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