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FlashSNES - Quick Guide

Port created by Ed McManus.

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More documentation in /docs




This is a Flash port of SNES9x released under the same license (a GPL, LGPL, non-commercial composite). If licensing is an issue, you probably shouldn't be porting an SNES emulator. But for those interested there is a GPL fork of SNES9x called SNES9x-gtk.


Use a current release player on Windows for the best performance.

Important File Locations

Read this. It will save you a lot of time!

  • /bin contains some utils to check for ROM corruption and to find correct checksums
  • /libs contains the SWC resulting from the make-swc target
  • /src/as3/generated_as3 contains the emitted AS3 files (the Alchemy VM and Application -- currently this requires some manual labor to generate!)
  • /src/c/snes9x/flash contains the Flash drivers
  • /src/c/snes9x/flash/flash.cpp is the C interface for the Flash application
  • /src/c/snes9x/soundux.cpp contains the flash-specific audio mixer
  • /src/c/snes9x/Markedup_SNES9x.as details my attempt to understand Alchemy's C VM
  • /src/c/snes9x/port.h defines port-specific directives
  • /docs/snes9x/porting.html helpful doc detailing important preprocessor directives

Supplemental Build Instructions

First, see /docs/Building

Before doing anything

Make sure you've turned on Alchemy (alc-on)

Generating emitted AS3

Currently this is not automated by Ant.

Compile the C code using Makefile.flash

Makefile.flash passes everything through Alchemy's gcc, which is actually just a perl script. You'll want to modify gcc so it doesn't perform cleanup. Examine the script and it should be obvious what to comment out.

Split the generated AS file into two files, the VM (everything before "// End of file scope inline assembly"), and the application. Do this if you want to edit the emitted application assembly without killing your IDE. (The resulting file is ~30MB.)

Move these two files into generated_as3/.

After modifying emitted AS3

Run make-swc -- Ant target in /build

Clean and recompile flash project.

Running config over SNES9x

Don't do it :)

See /docs/Building

After modifying C code

See /docs/Building

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