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A pack of pre-built Netzke components that can be used as building blocks for your webapps.

Notes on versioning:

  • The latest released version is: Gem Version
  • The version under development (master): version.rb
  • For other versions check corresponding branches

Included components

Basepack includes the following components:

  • Grid - a grid panel with a thick bag of features
  • Tree - a tree panel with features similar to the Grid
  • Form - a form panel with automatic binding of fields
  • Window - a window which stores its size, position, and maximized state
  • Viewport - a full-window component usually used as one-page application base

Besides, Basepack implements:

  • persistence of region sizes and collapsed states of an arbitrary component that uses Ext's border layout (see ItemPersistence)
  • GridLiveSearch - a plugin that allows enhancing any grid with live search functionality


  • Ruby >= 1.9.3
  • Rails ~> 4.2.0
  • Ext JS = 5.1.1


In your Gemfile:

gem 'netzke-basepack'

For the "edge" stuff, instruct bundler to get the gem straight from GitHub:

gem 'netzke-basepack', github: "netzke/netzke-basepack"

Basic usage

Embed a basepack component into a view as any other Netzke component, e.g.:

<%= netzke :books, class_name: 'Netzke::Grid::Base', model: 'Book' %>

This will give you a grid with all the many features, configured to use your Book model.

For detailed examples with code see

Running tests

Before running the tests, you must link your Ext JS library to spec/rails_app/public, e.g. (from the gems's root):

$ ln -s PATH/TO/YOUR/EXTJS/FILES spec/rails_app/public/extjs

The bundled spec/rails_app application used for automated testing can be easily run as a stand-alone Rails app. It's a good source of concise, focused examples. After starting the application, access any of the test components (located in app/components) by using the following url:

http://localhost:3000/netzke/components/{name of the component's class}

For example http://localhost:3000/netzke/components/Grid::Books

To run all the tests (from the gem's root):

$ rake

Sourcing Ext JS files from Sencha CDN is not possible with Basepack at the moment.

Using ORM other than ActiveRecord

Using ActiveRecord as its default ORM, Basepack is designed to be extendable with data adapters for other ORMs. If you're thinking about implementing an adapter, AbstractAdapter and ActiveRecordAdapter classes can be used as a reference.

There's some work being done in the direction of implementing DataMapper and Sequel adapters, but at this moment the code is broken.

Icons support

Netzke Basepack can make use of FamFamFam Silk icon set ( To enable this, download the icons and put the "icons" folder into your app's public/images folder. Then restart your application.

Contributions and support

Help developing Netzke by submitting a pull request when you think others can benefit from it.

If you feel particularily generous, you can donate a couple of bucks weekly at Gratipay.

Useful links

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