Created: 2008-12-20 16:57
Updated: 2016-05-08 20:05
License: other

libshs - A Small HTTP Server C++ API


libshs is a C++ API for embedding a HTTP server in C++ programs. Its primary goal is to make it easy to add a web interface to new or existing C++ programs.


Examples of how to use the library are stored in the src/examples directory. A simple hello world example can be viewed in while a more complex form application can be viewed in


There are currently no released versions of this library.

The latest code can be retrieved via git.

$ git clone git://


There are no dependencies for this library.


$ make
# make install

This will install the static library and the include files.

If you want to use libshs in your program, you may want to copy src/libshs into your codebase instead of linking with the library.


I have only tested on Linux. Other operating systems may or may not work. Patches are welcome.

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