Created: 2008-04-13 15:49
Updated: 2017-08-06 22:59


by Christof Glaser


  • etc/bashrc -- An eclectic bash profile.

    Current state: Works For Me™, a.k.a. Βητα, a.k.a. Beta-eta-tau-alpha. See the comments.


    • Distinguishes Darwin (BSD) and Linux.
    • History per directory (default) or per terminal, plus a global command archive.
    • Directory stack aliased to cd / pd.
    • Directory change hook (in prompt_callback), e.g. to display a TODO or README file.
    • "Session Restore" on startup: current per-tty directory is saved and cd'd into upon startup.
    • Common aliases: shortcuts considered useful.
    • Common path setup: the usual */bin places plus ./script (for Rails and the like).
    • Git branch and status display in prompt.
    • Can exec a command instead of dropping user to the prompt: Set EXEC_IMMEDIATELY to command before invoking bash.
    • Uses color for ls, grep, less, man, and the prompt.
    • Certainly abuses 'certainly'. But see the comments.

  • `etc/gitconfig`` -- A basic git default config.

    Needs editing to be useful: just insert your name and email address.

    • Defines some common aliases.
    • Enables colour.
  • etc/gitignore-global -- Global ignore settings for git.

  • etc/irbrc -- For Ruby's irb to load a ~/.railsrc when in a Rails project.

  • etc/psqlrc -- An eclectic psql (PostgreSQL interactive client) profile.

    It has neither known bugs nor comments.


    * Prompt showing user and database.
    * Per-Database History.
    * Always uses PAGER -- works well with less set to exit-if-single-page.
  • etc/toprc -- A colourful config for top.

  • etc/railsrc -- Useful methods for Rails, grabbed from the internets.

  • etc/vimrc -- A basic Vim config, with syntax highlighting.

  • xemacs/init.el -- An eclectic init.el, with keybindings and stuff.

     Actually works as well for Emacsen without X in their name.
  • xemacs/custom.el -- Emacs preferred colours and such.

  • Sublime Edit 2/My Hallow's Flat.tmTheme -- A color scheme based on All Hallow's Eve.


    • High readability, great for scanning code.
    • Function names in definitions stand out (white, bold and italic). You might want to use a font with good-looking italics, like Microsoft Consolas.
    • Punctuation is somewhat subdued.
    • Colors are distinct, but not too contrasty.
    • Loud colors from All Hallow's Eve are changed to more pleasant hues.
    • Colors match the Flatland theme.
  • Sublime Edit 2/My Flatland.sublime-theme -- Tweaks for the awesome Flatland theme.

    • Square Tabs show more text while using less space.
    • Two-pixel black separator for multiple view layouts.



  1. Install git (package git-core in Debian/Ubuntu and BSD ports)
  2. git clone git://
  3. cd dotfiles
  4. sh ./ It creates symlinks in your $HOME, so you can benefit from future updates, easily merge your own changes etc, courtesy of git. It keeps copies of existing files, date/time appended to their name.
  5. edit .gitconfig: change name and email.
  6. source ~/.bashrc
  7. For Sublime Edit, install the Flatland theme (via Package Control).
  8. Tell your Sublime Edit to use the Flatland theme and the My Hallow's Flat color scheme.

Get Updates

  1. cd $dotfiles-directory # whereever you put it.
  2. git pull


  1. remove symlinks to dotfile dir: rm .psqlrc .bashrc .gitconfig

  2. restore backups made on installation: ignore the *, use tab completion.

     mv .bashrc-*-* .bashrc
     # and so on for each file.

Comments, Bug Reports, Enhancements

Via github at or write to

No Warranties!

The scripts are supplied "as-is". Use on your own risk. Read them first.

No Licence

Some portions are gathered and copied from various places in the net. See the comments. Especially for xemacs/init.el I lost track where it came from.

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