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Updated: 2016-05-08 19:34
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Fire Eagle ActionScript 3 client library Testing App

fireeagleas3tester is a Flex app for testing the Fire Eagle AS3 library.

Getting started

Download a copy of fireeagleas3tester:


Or clone fireeagleas3tester source from github:

$ git clone git://

Download the other required sources:


Yahoo! Y!OS AS3 library

Seesmic AS3 XMPP library - If you want XMPP support


Download fireeagleas3tester to <your extract path>
Download Fire Eagle AS3 classes to <your extract path>
Download YOS to <your extract path>
Download Seemic XMPP to <your extract path>
Create a new workspace in Flex Builder 3+. 
Import fireeagleas3tester Flex project 
  Right (or control) click in Flex Navigator, choose Import...
  select Flex Builder/Flex Project, click Next
  use project folder = <your extract path>/fireeagleas3tester
  uncheck 'Use default location'
Configure source directories
  Select Window->Preferences...
  General->Workspace->Linked Resources
  New... Name: FE_SRC, Location: <your extract path>
  Ok, Ok
Make sure all source paths map correctly
  Right (or control) click on fireeagleas3tester project in Flex Navigator
  Select Flex Build Path
  Verify all paths are correct: src (FE AS3 classes), yos_as3_sdk (might have to change version), Seesmic XMPP (might not be in /seesmic-as3-xmpp-read-only)
Optionally init your OAuth values
  Open fireeagleas3tester.mxml code edit in fireeagleas3tester project src
  Edit 'init values for OAuth params' near top
All set to run!

Want TODO:

Add SharedObject session store for OAuth values and XMPP login credentials

Getting Help

Your best bet for help is to post a message to the Fire Eagle Yahoo! Group:

See for more info.

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