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Updated: 2016-05-08 19:25
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Fire Eagle ActionScript 3 client library

fireeagle-as3 is a set of classes for accessing the Fire Eagle REST API and XMPP PubSub feed.

Getting started

Download a copy of fireeagle-as3:


Or clone fireeagle-as3 source from github:

$ git clone git://

Download the other required sources:

Yahoo! Y!OS AS3 library

Seesmic AS3 XMPP library - If you want XMPP support


Download all source from above to <your extract path>
  will create 
    <your extract path>/fireeagle-as3
    <your extract path>/yos_as3_sdk-1.1.1
    <your extract path>/seesmic-as3-xmpp-read-only - if you want XMPP support
Create a Flex Builder of Flash project of your choosing
Include source from <your extract path>/fireeagle-as3/src in your project
Include source from <your extract path>/yos_as3_sdk-1.1.1/Source
Include source from <your extract path>/seesmic-as3-xmpp-read-only/hurlant_tls
Include source from <your extract path>/seesmic-as3-xmpp-read-only/seesmic-as3-xmpp
See fireeagle-as3 docs in <your extract path>/fireeagle-as3/Docs


class FireEagleMethod -- call any of the standard Fire Eagle REST API methods

class FireEagleAuth -- util class for authorizing new access tokens

XMPP Usage

class realtime/XMPPConnection -- connect to an XMPP server, receive userSuccess events on subscribed user location updates

Use Switchboard to subscribe user pubsub nodes

Sample Flex application that exercises all features of fireeagle-as3 library

Fire Eagle AS3 Tester

Getting Help

Your best bet for help is to post a message to the Fire Eagle Yahoo! Group:

See for more info.


JSON parse classes taken from as3corelib:

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