Created: 2008-12-15 10:31
Updated: 2018-12-20 02:03
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Evolve Image

This is an attempt to implement something like http://alteredqualia.com/visualization/evolve/ and http://rogeralsing.com/2008/12/07/genetic-programming-evolution-of-mona-lisa/ in Objective-C using just the GNUStep/Cocoa Foundation Library. Ultimately it is to be multithreaded in an attempt to evolve an image a quickly as possible, particularly on multi core machines.


Mac OS X



Download the following from: http://www.gtk.org/download-windows.html

  • The "Dev" cairo package
  • Fontconfig Binaries
  • freetype Binaries
  • libpng Binaries

Unzip the downloaded files to C:\gtk-libs E.g. (from within the GNUstep shell) cd /c mkdir gtk-libs cd gtk-libs unzip /c/Documents\ and\ Settings/wmoore/Desktop/cairo-dev_1.8.0-1_win32.ziz

cairo will try to find libpng13.dll so you will need to copy libpng12-0.dll I.e. cd /c/gtk-libs/bin cp libpng12-0.dll libpng13.dll

To run the executable, it will need to know where to find the libraries. Add the path to the bin dir to the PATH.

I.e. (from within the GNUstep shell): export PATH=$PATH:/c/gtk-libs/bin ./obj/EvolveImage

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