Created: 2008-12-14 12:32
Updated: 2018-08-12 13:46
License: other


Spotify Scrobbler

A SIMBL plugin that adds Scrobbling capabilities to Spotify. Built (well, started anyway) at the Hack Day 2008.

Important note:

As of 18th December 2008 Spotify has built in scrobbling support.


  1. Download and install SIMBL
  2. Download and install the desktop application (This won't always be required, but it is for the moment)
  3. Download this project
  4. Copy build/Release/SpotifyScrobbler.bundle to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/
  5. Launch the application
  6. Launch Spotify

Already done:

  • Plugin loads with Spotify
  • Plugin detects a change of track
  • Plugin extracts metadata about the current track (Track name, artist name and length)
  • Plugin observes how long the previous track was playing for (not ideal, doesn't take pauses into account, but this is a hack)
  • Plugin checks if it appropriate to scrobble or not (Scobble when a track ends if: it was more than 30s long and at least half or 240s has been played)
  • Plugin adds a menu item to Spotify's dock menu for login
  • Scrobbling via the desktop app

Still to do:

I won't be working on these items, because Spotify now has it's own scrobbler.

Improve current delegated scrobbling

  • Tell when the music has stopped (at the very least when the app quits)

Perform own scrobbling

  • Hook login dock menu item up to a method
  • Add GUI for login
  • Handshake with server
  • Scrobble tracks (stub method already called at appropriate times)
  • Send "now playing" state to (stub method already called at appropriate times)

Small print

This Scrobbler was built quickly at a Hack Day, there's not been a lot of time spent on testing etc. I'm happy to use it, but if you decide to use it too you do so at your own risk.

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