Created: 2008-12-14 10:46
Updated: 2015-11-05 18:53
License: other


Last Genius

Code written for's 14th December 2008 Hack Day in London. It's fairly simple - start with any given song and Last Genius will create a playlist of songs that go with that initial song, and will start playing them. Only songs which are able to played all the way through by will be added to the playlist.

I wrote a blog post about Last Genius, and mentioned Last Genius in their round-up of the Hack Day.


To start using Last Genius, drag the bookmarklet below into your browser's toolbar.

Drag this: Last Genius

Then, any time you're on a song page that you'd like to create a Genius Playlist for, just click on the bookmarklet and magic will happen.

Intalling a Last Genius Dev Environment for Yourself

Just do something like the following:

git clone git:// 
cd last-genius
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd externals/curlcall
git submodule init
git submodule update
mkdir /tmp/cache
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