Created: 2008-12-14 07:23
Updated: 2016-08-07 09:32



This is a collection of snippets for YASnippet for use with writing a JavaScript file using the dojo framework.


I use Steve Yegge's excellent js2-mode so I defined a derived mode named dojo-js-mode by adding this to my .emacs

  (define-derived-mode dojo-js-mode js2-mode "dojo")

I then created the 'js2-mode' directory in my snippets directory and then created the subdirectory 'dojo-js-mode' in that directory. All of these snippets are placed in the 'dojo-js-mode' directory. So, my snippet directory looks like this:

|-- text-mode
|   |-- js2-mode
|   |   |-- dojo-js-mode

Because they are in my snippets directory, they are all loaded when YASnippet initializes (or M-x yas/reload-all).

Using The Snippets

When I fire up a JavaScript file that will contain dojo, I immediately run 'M-x dojo-js-mode'. Then all of these snippets are available.

I tried to keep the first two letters for each major function you might use a lot in dojo. Thus, 'dc' becomes 'dojo.connect', 'dr' becomes 'dojo.require'.


Feel free to file an issue at Github if you want to add anything to this project. If you fork it, feel free to send me a pull request.





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