Created: 2008-12-12 04:02
Updated: 2018-07-08 01:44
License: mit


Various Clojure libraries and apps I'm working on:

  • cling:: A Clojure wiki, built with Weld
  • clj-bin: Helper files that I use when working with Clojure at the terminal
  • clj-cache: A caching abstraction for clojure
  • clj-jdbc: High-level interface to JDBC databases'
  • clj-rome: Universal RSS/Atom Feed parser wrapping Rome
  • clj-scrape: Bundling of various clojure libraries to facilitate HTML scraping
  • stash: Functional ORM
  • stash-migrations: Migration for Stash models
  • stash-pagination: Paginate Stash find results
  • stash-timestamps: Timestamping callbacks for Stash models
  • weld-blog-example: Example of a blog in Weld
  • weld-upload-example: Example of file uploading in Weld

Several libraries have been "harvested" from clj-garden into their own top-level projects:

  • clj-stacktrace: Tools for readable stacktraces in Clojure programs
  • clj-routing Core of URL router for use in web frameworks
  • clj-unit Unit testing library: non-magical, developer-friendly
  • gitcred PageRanking GitHub users
  • ring Web application library: abstracts HTTP to allow modular and concise webapps
  • weld Web framework built on Ring: expressive and fast in a functional style
  • clj-time: Time library for Clojure, built on the Joda library.
  • clj-file-utils: Unix-like wrapper for Apache Commons FileUtils, now maintained by Nate Murray.


Copyright 2009-2010 Mark McGranaghan and released under an MIT license.

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