Created: 2008-12-11 23:52
Updated: 2019-02-11 16:00
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NOTE: Development has moved over to http://github.com/hackarts/wesabot


Wesabot, the Campfire bot framework.


Wesabot is a Campfire bot framework we've been using and developing at Wesabe since not long after our inception. It started as a way to avoid parking tickets near our office ("Wes, remind me in 2 hours to move my car"), and has evolved into an essential work aid. When you enter the room, Wes greets you with a link to the point in the transcript where you last left. You can also ask him to bookmark points in the transcript, send an sms message (well, an email) to someone, or even post a tweet, among other things. His functionality is easily extendable via plugins.

To give Wes new powers, simply drop a plugin file in the plugins directory and restart Wes (or, via the ReloadPlugin, he can be told to reload himself). See campfire/polling_bot/sample_plugin.rb for more information, or just browse the included plugins. Some of the plugins are somewhat Wesabe-specific (like DeployPlugin, which lets us see what commits are on deck to be deployed), but can be adapted or ignored as you see fit.

If any of your plugins need to use a database, just drop a Datamapper model in the plugins/models directory and it will be automatically loaded.


You'll need SQLite3 installed (http://www.sqlite.org/), and a number of gems:

sudo gem install dm-core do_sqlite3 activesupport httparty mime-types chronic

Then copy wesabot-sample.rb to wesabot.rb and add your Campfire credentials.

Once Wes (or whatever you decide to name your bot) is running, you can see a list of available commands by entering into Campfire:

Wes, help

That list currently looks like:

 - backlog
     display (as a paste) a summary of all activity since you last logged out

 - bookmark: <name>
     bookmark the current location

 - what's on deck?
     get shortlog of to-be-deployed changes for pfc
 - what's on deck for <project>?
     get the shortlog of to-be-deployed changes for a specific project

 - (disable|turn off) greetings
     don't say hi when you log in (you grump)
 - (enable|turn on) greetings
     say hi when you log in
 - toggle greetings
     disable greetings if enabled, enable if disabled. You know--toggle.
 - catch me up|ketchup
     gives you a link to the point in the transcript where you last logged out

 - help
     this message

 - (photo|image|picture) of <subject>
     find a random picture on flickr of <subject>

 - reload
     update and reload Wes

 - remind (me|<person>) [in] <time string> to <message>
     set up a reminder
 - remind (me|<person>) to <message> (in|on|at|next|this) <time string>
     set up a reminder
 - [list|show] [person]['s] reminders
     display current reminders for yourself or person
 - delete reminder <n>
     delete your reminder #n

 - set my sms address to: <address>
     set your sms address
 - set <person>'s sms address to
     set someone else's sms address
 - (sms|text|txt) <person>: <message>
     send an sms message
 - list sms addresses
     list all sms addresses

 - set my status to: <status>
     set your status
 - show <person>'s status
     show the status for <person>
 - list all statuses
     show the statuses for everyone
 - what's <person> up to?
     show the status for <person> -- works without addressing me

 - time
     say the current time

 - tweet: <message>
     post <message> to a twitter account
 - save tweet: <message>
     save <message> for later
 - show tweets
     shows the queued tweets for a twitter account
 - show next tweet
     shows the oldest queued twitter message
 - post next tweet
     sends the oldest queued twitter message
 - post tweet <n>
     sends the <n>th tweet from the list
 - delete tweet <n>
     deletes the <n>th tweet from the list
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