Created: 2008-12-11 23:33
Updated: 2018-08-04 17:07
License: unlicense


Class for managing fixed-size pools of worker threads.

Use case

I've needed such a class while creating a worker queue of background jobs (similar to delayed_job). I wanted to be able to fetch 50 jobs from the database and have them executed 3 at a time, so that when one ends, a new one can start while the other two finish. Then when the whole queue has been emptied, it can be filled with a new batch of jobs, one of which can start immediately while the two from the previous batch finish.

The WorkerPool class allows for doing that very easily: fetch jobs from the database, stuff them as lambdas into the pool one by one: the throttling is done automatically, blocking Thread.current until a slot becomes available, namely until a job ends.


require 'worker_pool'

pool =    # three workers
pool << lambda { sleep 1 }
pool << lambda { sleep 2 }
pool << lambda { sleep 3 }
pool << lambda { sleep 4 }  # waits 3 seconds before starting
pool.wait                   # takes 7 seconds to finish

# The three workers are now all available again:
pool << lambda { sleep 2 }  # Starts immediately

# Worker threads are spawned on the fly, so a task can safely kill its
# thread without preventing the next tasks from running:
pool =
pool << lambda { puts 1 }
pool << lambda { raise "an error" }
pool << lambda { puts 2 }
> 1
> 2
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