Created: 2008-12-11 02:25
Updated: 2017-08-22 19:02



MediaTagi is a generic multiuser tagging system.

In addition to label/category-like tags, 'fielded' tags are supported (remininscent of Flickr's 'machine tags').

A special syntax highlights tags subject to 'consensus' interpretation, which is collaboratively determined at a parallel reference wiki.

MediaTagi will be a base on which different community, interface, trust-network, and economic models of reaching consensus, resolving disputes, or agreeing to disagree can be implemented.

Example Applications

The 'targets' tagged may be any string, but are most commonly URIs of some sort.

So targets might include:

  • web URIs, as in
  • content-hash URNs, as in Bitpedia
  • URI/SURT fragments, as in a hypothetical shared crawl/search-engine site markup community

Other Details

MediaTagi is open source, specifically GPL.

MediaTagi will provide web service interfaces for all major contribution and access operations.

Tags may include any unicode characters.

Some tags of special syntax will affect displays, summaries, and user privileges within the system, and thus some tag formats will only be accepted from a subset of users.

To the maximum extent possible, system functional tasks -- like flagging, sleeving, or striking content, or granting users privileges -- will themselves be accomplished by applying tags to appropriate targets.

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