Created: 2008-12-05 08:54
Updated: 2017-08-07 00:32




gem2deb <gem name> [<target package name>]


gem2deb will covert a ruby gem into a set of debian packages and a debian changes file suitable for use with dupload. In the synopsis above the gem name is simply the name of a gem available via the gem command. gem2deb fetches the gem, unpacks it to a tmp directory and builds a set of debs out of it.

gem2deb will detect any dependencies declared in the gem and translate them into debian dependencies of the form lib{gem}-ruby. It is important to note that underscores are not allowed in debian package names, therefore gem2deb translates underscores into dashes when it creates gem packages and dependencies.


Requires the following debian packages: cdbs ruby-pkg-tools devscripts


  • DEPENDENCIES - Any extra runtime dependencies you would like to declare for a package.
  • RULES - Adds arbitrary rules to the debian rules file. Use this to hook into the debian build system and execute arbitrary actions during the package build.


Package the thin gem:

gem2deb thin

Package do_sqlite3 and set its dependency on sqlite3:

env DEPENDENCIES="sqlite3" gem2deb do_sqlite3 libdo-sqlite3-ruby

Add files outside of the normal gem path for a build:

env RULES="install/libmygem-ruby1.8\n\tmkdir -p /var/log/mylogdir" gem2deb mygem.gem
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