Created: 2008-12-04 23:39
Updated: 2019-02-09 19:02
License: gpl-3.0



notify-webhook is a git post-receive hook script that posts JSON data to a webhook capable server.

This implements the GitHub Web hooks API as closely as possible. It allows arbitrary git repositories to use webhook capable services.

As an example, this script works very well with commitbot which sends commit notifications to XMPP group chat rooms.



Installation & Configuration (manual)

To use notify-webhook, just copy to your repository's .git/hooks dir and call it post-receive. Be sure to set it executable with chmod 755 post-receive as well.

Configuration is handled through git config. We use sensible defaults where possible.

Configuration example:

git config meta.url ""
git config hooks.webhookurl ""

Installation & Configuration (Gitolite)

Please see the installation details at Gitolite repo-specific hooks.

Configuration example:

repo some-repo-in-gitolite
  option = notify-webhook
  config meta.url = ""
  config hooks.webhookurl = ""

Configuration Parameters


The URL to the webhook consumer - the commit details will be POSTed here.

Defaults to None which will echo the JSON data instead of sending it (unless the hooks.webhookurls configuration is set).


A list of URLs to different webhook consumers - the commit details will be POSTed to each of them in the order they arrive (if hooks.webhookurl is set, the commit details will be POSTed to that URL first).

The value is parsed like a csv file so each URL is separated by a comma or a newline (or a combination of the two). URLs with a comma in them can be wrapped in quotation marks.

An example of value with two URLS:

git config hooks.webhookurls ',",with,comma"'

Defaults to None which will echo the JSON data instead of sending it (unless the hooks.webhookurl configuration is set).

meta.ownername / meta.owneremail

Details about the repository owner.

Defaults the gitweb.owner variable, and falls back to author details on the initial commit to the repository.


The name of the repository.

Defaults to the repository name as determined by its path.


Description of the repo.

Defaults to the gitweb.description config variable, and falls back to the contents of the description file. This behavior is intended to be compatible with GitWeb.


The URL of your repository browser

Defaults to None


The URL of a commit in your repository browser. %s is replaced with the SHA1 hash of the commit. Defaults to meta.url+'/commit/%s' or None


The URL of a diff in your repository browser. Must contain two %s elements. Defaults to meta.url+'/compare/%s..%s' or None


Username to use for basic and digest authentication.

Defaults to None


Password to use for basic and digest authentication. Note that it is stored in plaintext in git's config file!

Defaults to None


Realm to use for digest authentication.

Defaults to None


Secret token to use for GitHub-compatible X-Hub-Signature header.

Defaults to None


Payload Content Type to use for the body of the data. Supported values are:

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded (default).
  • application/json


This code is copyright (c) 2008-2015 by Jack Moffitt and others; and is available under the GPLv3. See LICENSE.txt for details. See CONTRIBUTORS.markdown for all authors.

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