Created: 2010-08-18 21:21
Updated: 2018-05-06 20:29
License: gpl-3.0

Thsi is a small collection of scripts for the IRC client Irssi I've written or heavily modified.


  • Print all channel messages into a separate window. This can be useful to have a single window to review while also having windows for each channel.
  • Turn Irssi clients into a simple botnet. Mainly useful for maintaining control over a channel on networks without services.
    • Helper program used by to verify messages.
  • Run external programs and send their output to channels.
  • Suggest corrections to messages in channels.
  • Warn (and optionally ban) if users join channels from particular servers.
  • Attempt to keep connections to IRC servers alive on unstable connections.
  • Alias user@hosts to show as particular nicks.
  • Assign colours to nicks in channels. By default none will be coloured.
  • !seen nick functionality.
  • Interact with a quote database.
    • Tests for
  • Retrieve URLs and print their titles to channels.
  • Auto-op particular users in channels.


Unless otherwise specified, GPL 3. Many if not all of the scripts have their own license set inside.

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