Created: 2008-12-03 16:39
Updated: 2016-05-08 18:24
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Overview Incite Build Status

Incite is in alpha alpha stage. It's useless, don't install it.


Incite is available as a ruby gem.

gem install incite


  • Note: This syntax is very experimental, and will likely--no, definitely--change in a radical way (see overview).

First you need to instantiate a source you want to cite:

source =
# => #<Incite::Source:0x8c5f0>

Configure the source with the bibliographical data. The minimum required attributes are title, author(s), publisher, and year.

source.authors = ["Sam Dandy"]
source.title = "A Brief Flirtation"
source.publisher = "Rainbow Unicorn Press"
source.year = 1985

Yes, I just made all of that up. I should have been a writer. Now you can cite your source:

# => "Sam Dandy. <em>A Brief Flirtation</em>. : Rainbow Unicorn Press, 1985."

If you try to create a citation when this data is missing you'll get an error.

source.title = nil
# => nil
# => ArgumentError: Source lacks attributes required to construct citation

Most citations require more data, viz. page numbers.

Other future plans

  • Integration with various bibliographies (Google Books, Amazon, &c)
  • Citation text (for annotated notes/bibliographies)
  • Source types (book, article, chapter &c)
  • Different type of formats (to_s, to_rtf, &c)
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