Created: 2008-11-30 13:15
Updated: 2016-05-08 18:07



A javscript-badge that handles these post types (all available as of 2008/11/20): audio, conversation, link, photo, quote, regular, video

Requirements: Prototype.

It produces basically the same html structure as the standard tumblr javascript produces but adds additional date and the tag divs. It also links photos to the post itself. Click-through links aren't supported by the API (yet?).

The used css classes are (for your reference):

tumblr_posts, tumblr_post, tumblr_[type]_post,
tumblr_date*, tumblr_tags*,
tumblr_photo, tumblr_photo_link*,
tumblr_link, tumblr_video, tumblr_audio,
tumblr_caption, tumblr_body, tumblr_label,
tumblr_open_quote, tumblr_close_quote, tumblr_quote, tumblr_source,

*(new classes)

to use it, you just call the javascript like that:


or with some options:

tumblrPosts( {"username" : "restorm-news", "num" : 1} )

At the moment, there are just 3 functions:

  • tumblrPosts() to add a whole feed
  • tumblrLastPostDate() to output the date of the latest post
  • tumblrPostsAppend() only used internally for a budget pagination: it only adds posts to the bottom

All three have their callback counterparts, which actually insert the content after the data is loaded:

  • tumblrInsertPosts()
  • tumblrInsertLastPostDate()
  • tumblrInsertPostsAppend()

The actual content is inserted into divs with css-classes and ids deriving from the callback:

  • class = "tumblrInsertLastPostDate_container" p.e. for all tumblrLastPostDate inserts and
  • id = sanitized tumblr username + classname

You can style the containers to prevent shifts in the layout while the tumblr content loads.

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