Created: 2008-11-25 23:41
Updated: 2019-01-31 16:43

A collection of macros for GNU debugger (gdb), useful for inspection of Ruby processes.

Originally written by Jamis Buck and Mauricio Fernandez, collected by Phillippe Hanrigou.

And slightly improved by @the83 and @ebenoist

Command Description
reval Evaluate an arbitrary Ruby expression from current gdb context.
rb_bt Print the ruby stack trace interpreting backtrace as a Ruby array of string.
rb_raise Raise a Ruby exception from gdb.
redirect_stdout Hijack Ruby $stdout and redirect it to /tmp/ruby-debug-.
restore_stdout Restore Ruby $stdout to its original value after hijacking it>
rb_finish Execute the current Ruby method until it returns and interrupts th>
rb_object_counts Count and print all living objects by type.
rb_locals Print local variables and their values.
rb_backtrace Print the Ruby backtrace.
rb_help Print a list of all ruby macros
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