Created: 2008-11-25 19:44
Updated: 2017-05-16 14:58
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CuteCalendar is a Rails plugin to help you build calendars using topfunky's calendar_helper and defunkt's facebox. You fill in with some events and we'll do all the dirty work of making it cute.


This plugin is based on the work of several awesome people, please read the CONTRIBUTORS file.


Download the plugin

$ ./script/plugin install git://

Run the Events generator

$ ./script/generate events

Migrate your database:

$ rake db:migrate

With this version you'll need to create a controller and some views to populate your Events table:

$ ./script/generate scaffold Event title:string description:text date:date


Insert the calendar in your view:

<%= calendar :year => 2008, :month => 12 %>

If you want to use any of the custom stylesheets you can pass it as an option:

<%= calendar :year => 2008, :month => 12, :style => "grey" %>

These stylesheets can be found in public/stylesheets/calendar

Known Issues

If you already have an Events model you'll run into problems unless the model contains the following fields:


If you have these then you can skip the generator in the installation and everything should work fine.


  • Do something to avoid inserting stylesheets in the middle of the page (calendar_helper.rb:103)
  • Add a generator for a simple event creation interface.


Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Jeremy Voorhis, Geoffrey Grosenbach and Chris Wanstrath
Copyright (c) 2008 Federico Builes, released under the MIT license

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