Created: 2008-11-24 23:38
Updated: 2018-01-22 18:42



JTemplate is a simple java project skeleton. Use it to start out new java projects without making a big deal out of it. There are no dependencies other than java and ant, and there is no framework or IDE needed. Good for if you don't use Eclipse or Netbeans or whatever.


  1. Edit the build.xml file to your liking. The first few properties are clearly marked, and are expected to be set for your specific project.

  2. Run 'ant init'. This deletes .git and makes you a /src tree with a Main class stub and the resources/, lib/, and doc/ directories for your resource files, external jarfile dependencies, and project documentation.

  3. You're cooking!

Ant targets you might use from here on out (remember ant -projecthelp):

  • 'all' or 'dist'
  • 'clean'
  • 'jar'
  • 'javadoc'


  • docs: Project documentation. API javadocs will be written to docs/api/ directory. You can include anything you want here (documentation for dependencies, etc).

  • lib: Jar files to be incorporated into the distribution jar file.

  • resources: Resources to be included in the distribution jar file. They will be added to the jar with a path relative to this directory, i.e., resources/foo/bar.jpg will be accessed in java as "foo/bar.jpg".

  • src: Java source files go here.


  • projectname-start.sh Application launcher wrapper script.
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