Created: 2008-11-24 07:49
Updated: 2016-05-08 17:41


Google+ Commander

What is this

This is userscript for Google+. This script provide shortcut keys to do following.

  • c to comment
  • s to share
  • e clip to Evernote
  • m to mute
    • to +1
    • expand comments
  • / to find user
  • gg to go to top.
  • G to go to bottom.
  • n to show notification panel.
  • i to focus to a form of new entry.
  • esc to close current active textbox.
  • gh to go to Home.
  • gP to go to Photos.
  • gp to go to Profile.
  • gc to go to Circles.
  • gna to go to Notifications(all).
  • gnc to go to Notifications(circle).
  • gno to go to Notifications(otherposts).
  • gnp to go to Notifications(myposts).
  • gnm to go to Notifications(mentions).
  • gnP to go to Notifications(phototags).




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