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Leafman is a project manager, particularly useful if you are a freelance hacker like me. After all, I originally developed this just for myself, but then pushed it to Github for everyone to enjoy.


All parts of Leafman are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike 3.0 (at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/).

Repository Support

  • Git (green)
  • Subversion (blue)
  • Bazaar (yellow)
  • Mercurial (cyan)
  • Darcs (purple)

I have no intention of supporting CVS, it's just too outdated for me.


$ ruby leafman.rb create|destroy "project"

This will create/destroy a project.

$ ruby leafman.rb list

This gives you a list of all projects.

$ ruby leafman.rb show "project"

This shows detailed information on a project.

Also, really useful:

$ ruby leafman.rb help

for all commands.

Web Interface

A relatively new feature to Leafman is the ability to serve a web page with all projects. This is useful if, for example, you are on a large LAN and want to share projects. To start it:

$ ruby leafman.rb serve

Then, go to http://localhost:8585.

Also, to note: most colors on the web interface are the same as they are on the console interface. (eg. for scm colors, bug/task colors, etc.)

Web Files

You can now view the files of a project on the web interface, if web_show_files is on. This also allows pulling for Git, Bazaar, and Darcs, but does not allow pulling for Subversion or Mercurial.

$ git clone http://localhost:8585/<project>.project/files/.git/ <where-to-clone-to> # using git
$ bzr co http://localhost:8585/<project>.project/files/ <where-to-checkout-to> # using bazaar
$ darcs get --lazy http://localhost:8585/<project>.project/files/ <where-to-get-to> # using darcs

Mercurial is not working because we don't support range requests yet, which static-http on Mercurial needs.

New! Easy cloning:

$ ruby leafman.rb clone <project-name> [host[:port]] # waaay easier


Now you may add a description to a project, which is shown on "show" and the web interface.

$ ruby leafman.rb add-description <project-name> # Then type in description and EOF (Ctrl-D on Unix/Mac, Ctrl-Z on Windows)

Tips and Tricks

  • In place of a project name, most commands support '@@', which means the project that the working directory belongs to.

More coming soon


Vuhu milestone 3 adds an interactive shell to Leafman. This is useful when running many commands together. To start:

$ ruby leafman.rb shell
>> chproj (project name)
(project name) >> show @@
(project name)
... uses (...).


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