Created: 2008-11-23 02:49
Updated: 2018-07-14 22:05
License: other


                                    oooooooooo.    .oooooo.   ooooo      ooo ooooo 
                                    `888'   `Y8b  d8P'  `Y8b  `888b.     `8' `888' 
                                     888     888 888      888  8 `88b.    8   888  
                                     888oooo888' 888      888  8   `88b.  8   888  
                                     888    `88b 888      888  8     `88b.8   888  
                                     888    .88P `88b    d88'  8       `888   888  
                                    o888bood8P'   `Y8bood8P'  o8o        `8  o888o 

Boni is an easily retargetable assembler

It should take a few hours to add support for new architectures. You just have to edit

I wrote it for one of my courses so I had to finish it pretty quickly. It is well written though(Pythonic).

It only supports one architecture for now. A general purpose micro-processor made in our course. I am confident it can support x86 with minimal effort.

I hope someone can build from this.


python yourfile.s

python examples/example1.s


-b Output in binary

--mode=vhdl Output VHDL code

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