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Plain Text Wiki

Plain Text Wiki is a TextMate bundle which allows you to use a directory of text files as a simple wiki.

The original bundle was by Matt Webb The current version by Matt Foster is available on GitHub. Support for subdirectories is now available thanks to Marcelo Alvim malvim on GitHub. His fork may be found here.


Download and unzip Double-click on the bundle to install (the bundle requires TextMate:

Alternatively, use GetBundles.

First, run:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
svn co
osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'

to get GetBundles and reload TextMate. Then find GetBundles in the Bundles menu, and run Get Bundles. You can then search for PlainTextWiki, and hit install to grab and install it.


  • Create a new directory
  • In TextMate, choose 'Create New Wiki' from the menu Bundles > Plain Text Wiki
  • Select your new directory. A file 'IndexPage.txt' will be created and opened
  • Reference new pages using CamelCase or [[like this]]. Page names will appear underlined
  • To follow a link, put the text cursor over a page name and hit (⌅) Enter (not Return, ↩)

Return to the index page at any time: Type ⌃⇧I (shift+ctrl+i)

Insert a list of pages by typing pagelist and hitting tab. It's a good idea to do this in the index page, and update it regularly.


Malvim added support for subdirectories to the plaintextwiki bundle, by modifying it in the following ways:

  • If you reference a page [[like/this]], the page will be in <current-directory>/like/this.txt
  • The pagelist command inserts a list of pages under the current directory (the directory of the file where you added the pagelist), recursively (so pagelist on IndexPage.txt will insert a list of all the pages in the wiki)
  • [[/abslolute/links]] are supported (for instance: [[/indexpage]] anywhere is a link to the index page)
  • pagelist will also only list pages whose names end in '.txt'; That way, you can store other files inside your wiki for reference, but it won't try to open them

Export as HTML

Choose Export Wiki as HTML from the Plain Text Wiki commands menu. You will be prompted for a directory where the Web pages will be saved (please make sure it's empty).

For converting text to HTML, Plain Text Wiki understands Markdown.

To customise the HTML of the wiki, add wiki-styles.css to the project directory--it'll be copied to the export directory and included.

For more control, add wiki-header.html and wiki-footer.html to the project directory. Include the string "%s" in wiki-header.html to have that replaced with the page title on export. Similarly two string markers in wiki-footer.html will be replaced with the time and current user.

Bugs and issues

  • Export to HTML seems to be broken in this fork

Please repot any bugs. Patches are welcome! Feel free to fork on GitHub here or here.



2009-01 (Marcelo Alvim)

  • Added support for absolute links ([[/indexpage]], for instance)

2008-12 (Marcelo Alvim)

  • Added support for creating links with slashes in the middle (subdirectories)
  • Changed 'go to index page' to go to the root of the project, not the current directory
  • Various refactorings to ruby scripts
  • Added (very little) debugging support and testing

2008-11 (Matt Foster)

  • Updated footer-html
  • Merged markdown grammar
  • Added nodebox visualisation script
  • Various changes to ruby scripts


  • Fixed Create New Wiki command (which was not working)


  • Added 'Insert Page List'
  • 'Follow Page Link' now ignores case when looking for a text file to open
  • Export now looks for wiki-styles.css, wiki-header.html and wiki-footer.html
  • Various bugs fixed in way Export adds HTML links
  • Export prompts to replace files in the export directory


More background to Plain Text Wiki:

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