Created: 2008-11-22 11:14
Updated: 2018-12-26 09:05

Status: Unmaintained

No Maintenance Intended

I am no longer actively maintaining this project.

proxylet: lightweight HTTP reverse proxy built on eventlet

This module implements a lightweight reverse proxy for HTTP, using non-blocking IO based on the eventlet module. It aims to do as little as possible while supporting simple request/response rewriting and being compatible with HTTP keep-alive.

Basic operation is via the 'serve' function, which will bind to the specified host and port and start accepting incoming HTTP requests:


Here 'mapper' is a function taking a proxylet.streams.HTTPRequest object, and returning either None (for '404 Not Found') or a 3-tuple giving the destination host, destination port, and a rewriter object.

The rewriter can be any callable that takes request and response streams as arguments and returns wrapped versions of them, but it will most likely be a subclass of proxylet.relocate.Relocator. This class has the necessary logic to rewrite the request for proxying.

As an example of the available functionality, this mapping function will proxy requests to /svn to a private subversion server, requests to /files to a private fileserver, and return 404 for any other paths:

def mapper(req): svn = SVNRelocator("","") if svn.matchesLocal(req.reqURI): return svn.mapping # contains the (host,port,rewriter) tuple if req.reqURI.startswith("/files/"): return ("",80,None) return None

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