Created: 2008-11-20 15:46
Updated: 2016-05-08 17:27


Conductor Application

This is a base rails application skeleton. I like bort, but wanted to use authlogic instead of restful authentication.


  • Authlogic based authentication
  • password reset support
  • openid support
  • support for user roles (via require_role in your controller classes)
  • sessions use ActiveRecord session store
  • application settings for things like sitename, url and email addresses
  • jrails and jquery preinstalled (instead of prototype)
  • uses haml for markup
  • classy_forms is used to dry up labels, etc. and markup input tags with type classes
  • starter stylesheet including import of Eric Meyer's reset stylesheet
  • required gems configured in environment.rb
  • includes required/frequently used plugins

Configured gems

  • authlogic
  • ruby-openid
  • will_paginate
  • haml

Included plugins

  • paperclip
  • classy_forms
  • jrails
  • haml
  • open_id_authentication


  • Exception Notifier, or hoptoad, or...
  • capistrano


  • download and unzip conductor
  • edit database.yml and settings.yml
  • rake db:migrate


  • portions of this were inspired by (or copied outright from) bort
  • reset.css by Eric Meyer is public domain - thanks Eric!


Author: S. Brent Faulkner
License: Copyright © 2008-2009, released under the MIT license

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