Created: 2008-11-20 00:04
Updated: 2018-10-19 13:31
License: mit

My dotfiles

These are config files to set up a system the way I like it.


git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
rake install

Install homebrew q

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew bundle ~/.dotfiles/Brewfile
brew bundle ~/.dotfiles/Caskfile

Install rvm

curl -sSL | bash

Start services:

brew services start mongo
brew services start mysql
brew services start postgres
brew services start redis
brew services start elasticsearch

Configure git

git config --global "your-name"
git config --global "your-email"

Setup MacVim

mkdir -p ~/.vim/janus/vim/colors/tomorrow/colors
curl \
  -o ~/.vim/janus/vim/colors/tomorrow/colors/Tomorrow.vim
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