Created: 2008-11-19 18:22
Updated: 2016-05-08 17:24
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Yet Another URL Shortifyer powers srs.li, yet another URL shortifiyer. Built on Camping, a Ruby microframework, contained in a 350 line file (plus CSS and a bootstrapper for Rack). For spam prevention, it checks the URLs in SURBL and URIBL and the requesting IP in several DNS blacklists.

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License: MIT license (see license.txt) Code: http://github.com/jou/yaurls


For starters, you need Ruby and Camping. Can't say how you could install Ruby, but for Camping, it's easy:

gem install camping --source http://code.whytheluckystiff.net

It also need activesupport and nokogiri

gem install activesupport nokogiri

Run the Camping Server

~$ svn co http://svn-public.orly.ch/stuff/yaurls/ && cd yaurls
~/yaurls$ camping yaurls.rb

Hit localhost:3301 in the browser and you're up and running. If run that way, the app stores its data in a SQLite DB (~/.camping.db)

For deploying a copy for production, you could either use Phusion Passenger and Apache or one of the methods in Camping's docs. A Rack handler is provided (config.ru). srs.li uses Passenger. Just install it, point the Apache's DocumentRoot to you working copy's 'static/' directory and there you go.

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