Created: 2008-11-18 17:48
Updated: 2017-07-05 07:48


this is a project to create postcards for mailing.

mostly this is a wishlist kind of thing, but as a stake in the ground here's something like a structure for it.

target language is Python.

the main application is the command line app:

postcard --to mom --photo cute-kids.jpg --message "they get so big so fast! love ed"

which should generate a job at some print service to send a postcard in the mail with that text on it to that address.

which suggests several helper/helpful requirements:


tools for address management, manipulation, databases etc, so that you can say "--to mom" instead of some UID or full address.


tools for managing and maintaining photographs and other art so that you can say "--photo cute-kids.jpg" and it will do the right thing.

should include some use of "sips" for image resizing on mac, plus whatever the linux alternative is.


tools for turning text into lovely text for the text side of the screen, to support the "--message" option.


specific tools for formatting QSL cards for amateur radio use; something like this, probably

qsl --to KB8NU --photo out-for-a-walk.jpg --date 20160102T11:30:00-05:00 --rig "Baofeng UV-5R" --antenna "Nagoya NA-771" --frequency "145.23" --repeater W8UM --signal 59 --text "Good to talk to you and Ralph AA8RK" --73 KD8OQG
qsl --interactive

it probably should also interact with other amateur radio command line logbook tools.


the printer side of this world, including job queuing and other outsourced printing options


lob does postcards, $0.70 each (2015 prices).


tools for printing; should import this one:


reference this api


no api publicly visible; they advertise some kind of system integration for partners

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