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Updated: 2019-01-15 06:40
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Substance Forms

Substance Forms is a JavaScript library for creating better web forms. You can mark areas of the page as editable and access the contents with a simple JavaScript API. You have full control over markup and styling, and you can mix the rich text inputs with classic form elements.

See the demos.

Project Status: Beta


Download the latest release and use like shown below.

  <script type="text/javascript" src="substance-forms.js"></script>
    /* FontAwesome is used to display the icons shown in the overlay */
    @import 'lib/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css';
    /* Substance Forms looks best with a CSS reset */
    @import 'substance/substance-reset.css';
    /* Substance Forms UI styles */
    @import 'substance-forms.css';
  var form
  window.addEventListener('load', function() {
    forms = new SubstanceForms()
    /* Activate rich text editing */
    forms.addRichTextArea('about', document.getElementById('about'), {
      enabledPackages: ['heading', 'strong', 'emphasis', 'link', 'list', 'table']
  function _onSubmit() {
    let forms = window.substanceForms
    let formData = {
      about: forms.getHTML('about')
    console.log('Form data', formData)
  <!-- The editable attribute marks editable areas -->
  <div id="about">
    <p>Tell us <strong>something</strong> about <em>you</em>.</p>
  <button onclick="_onSubmit()">Submit</button>

For a complete usage example see here. Learn advanced usage by inspecting the comments example.


If you want to contribute, you can set up a development environment like so:

$ git clone
$ npm install
$ npm start

For faster builds you can run:

$ npm run dev

But then you need a browser that can run ES6 code natively.


This project is developed by Substance in collaboration with the University of California Curation Center.

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