Created: 2008-11-13 21:42
Updated: 2016-06-22 15:40
License: mit


DataMapper ISBNdb Adapter

This is a DataMapper adapter to easily fetch data from ISBNdb. project is a database of books providing on-line and remote research tools for individuals, book stores, librarians, scientists, etc. Taking data from hundreds of libraries across the world ISBNdb is a unique tool you won't find anywhere else.


Installing the adapter is as simple as running: $ sudo gem install senny-dm-isbndb-adapter

or clone the repository and install the gem from source $ git clone git:// $ cd dm-isbndb-adapter $ rake install


First you need to get a api-key for isbndb. You can sign up here. The next step is setting up DataMapper. You need to pass the adapter and the access_key variables. The access-key is your isbndb api-key.

DataMapper.setup(:default, {
  :adapter => 'isbndb',
  :access_key => 'your_secret_isbndb_api_key'

After setting up DataMapper you can create Models to access the data from isbndb. The following section gives you some examples how to create your models.

  1. You can use the bundled mixins, which contain a basic setup

     class Book
       include DataMapper::Resource
       include DataMapper::Resource::Isbndb::BookModel
  2. You can create the whole model yourself. You can lookup the properties for the models at the isbndb api reference

     class Book
       include DataMapper::Resource
        property :id, String, :key => true, :field => 'book_id'
        property :title, String
        property :title_long, String
        property :isbn, String
        property :author, String, :field => 'authors_text'
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