Created: 2008-11-12 17:56
Updated: 2018-12-10 16:34



Allows you to simply turn an element into a text box that disappears and calls a callback with the value after the user hits Tab or Enter.


Archived due to performance issues. QuickSilver-like string matching. For production use try String Score. FuzzyString is very nice except for the performance issue. If anyone is interested in String scoreing this would be a great project to fix up. The problem with FuzzyString is matching against longer strings. See issue.

Here's how FuzzyString works: http://bit.ly/1xBafm

Input Placeholder

Keeps helper text in an input box as long as it's not focused and doesn't have some other value in it.


Type in an input box, and a list of matching options shows below. Use your arrow keys to select one of them and it will fill in the rest of the field for you. Lots of options, you can do just about whatever you want with this one.

Range Selector

This UI widget allows you to select a range of items using the mouse. Good for things like the alphabet or numbers where you want to select a range. Simply calls a callback whenever a new range has been selected.

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