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Updated: 2018-05-17 09:40
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Web applications with Ryan and Reia

Ryan is a Reia/Erlang BEAM based web framework. It allows you to create web applications with clean and short code.

Ryan consists of:

  • Session module
  • Routing module
  • Behave (RSpec-like testing tool)
  • Template engine adapter (Retem)
  • HTTP server adapters (YAWS, Mochiweb)
  • Database adapters (CouchDB)


Erlang/OTP R12B-3 or higher, Reia language, CouchDB 0.9 Leex Mochiweb erlang_couchdb CouchDB adapter


Run the following from Ryan source folder to build it: sudo make install

That will install ryan libraries into Erlang lib folder and ryan executable file into /usr/local/bin

Running an example application

Run: cd application_example ryan

Surf to: http://localhost:8001/app

You can specify a port number to run on in command line: ryan -p 8080

Modify Todo controller, implement or change actions Create your own controllers and see the results without the need to even reload web page. Enjoy!


Following REST idiom, Ryan provides the ability to parse any url and run the corresponding controller.


will be passed to 'store' application, 'fruits' controller, 'show' action (method), providing it with cookie data, http request method (~GET, ~PUT, ~POST, ~DELETE, ~UPDATE etc.), and parsed query data list.


Controllers are Reia modules. They reside in application_name/controllers/ folder. By default each controller method is available to web application user unless otherwise defined in routing schema.


Views can be Retem templates (retems) and are placed in application_name/views/ folder.


Models are object definitions that can be stored, retrieved and queried from storage systems. Only CouchDB is currently supported.

Useful links

Ryan@github Reia language home Dev blog Mailing list

This work wouldn't be possble without these guys

  • Tony Arcieri : Reia creator
  • Robert Virding : Excellent lexer library
  • Nick Gerakines : CouchDB adapter
  • Dmitry Chernyak : Smart JSON library refinement
  • Sean Cribbs : Huge work on PEG parser
  • many more


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