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Switchboard is both a toolkit for assembling XMPP clients as well as a set of command-line tools for interacting with XMPP servers.


Mailing List

Switchboard Google Group

Getting Started

Install it:

$ sudo gem install switchboard

Install optional dependencies for additional functionality.

OAuth PubSub support:

$ sudo gem install oauth

User Location (XEP-0080) support via Fire Eagle:

$ sudo gem install mojodna-fire-hydrant -s http://gems.github.com

Note: you will need to set up a PubSub subscription to your location via Fire Eagle for this to work.

User Tune (XEP-0118) support via iTunes (on Mac OS X):

$ sudo gem install rb-appscript

Configure it:

$ switchboard config jid jid@example.com
$ switchboard config password pa55word

Settings will be stored in $HOME/.switchboardrc

Run it:

$ switchboard <command> <args>
$ switchboard roster list
$ switchboard roster add fireeagle.com
$ ...

Subscribe to a node using OAuth, overriding default settings:

$ switchboard --jid subscriber@example.com --password pa55word \
    pubsub --oauth \
    --oauth-consumer-key <consumer key> \
    --oauth-consumer-secret <consumer secret> \
    --oauth-token <token> \
    --oauth-token-secret <token secret> \
    --server fireeagle.com \
    --node "/api/0.1/user/<token>" \

Publish iTunes' current track using User Tune (XEP-0118):

$ switchboard --resource switchtunes pep tune

You can do this using a JID that is already online.

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