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The IPython Bundle is a collection of commands designed to help you work with IPython form within TextMate. It was started after seeing UsingIPythonWithTextMate, which contained the core commands on which very early versions of this bundle were based. Kudos to Barry Wark for writing the commands on the wiki page.

The bundle now uses a socket based server based on Twisted. You may need to run sudo easy_install twisted for this to work. Please see the section 'Socket Support' for more information on how to set up the IPython side of things. The applescript commands are still available as a backup, and are used to interact with pdb. If you prefer the applescript based approack over the socket based approach, the commands are available in the AppleScript Commands group.

Currently most commands are aliased to the shortcut ⌃⇧I (Shift + Ctrl + I), and will only activate when the scope is source.python. The commands Edit ipythonrc and View config directory are available in all scopes. The exceptions to this rule are the commands for opening IPython and editing configuration files.

Please be aware that this bundle current knows nothing of the state of the running IPython. This means that repeated calls may not have the effect you expected. This may change in future versions.

Bundle configuration

If you wish to specify the arguments with which ipython is run, you can set TM_IPYTHON in TextMate's preferences. I recommend setting this variable to ipthon -pylab -wthread. This will be honoured by the applescript based commands, most importantly Open IPython, which spawns a new Terminal, runs IPython and injects the code needed to start a server. The session name used for the server can be set in the Preferences part of the bundle (by using the Bundle Editor), and is set to ipython-session by default. For this reason, it is probably not sensible to use Open Ipython more than once.

Socket Support

Socket support is still work in progress. That said, most of the bundle commands use this functionality, and work well.

To set up a socket server, fire up IPython, and type:

import ipy_vimserver

This will create a unix socket called socketname, in ~/.ipython/ which you can then connect to using the bundle's Connect to IPYthon server command.

Alternatively, if you're using an IPython version with a generic editor branch, start an editor server session. You can set TM_IPYTHON_START_SERVER_COMMAND to the commands needed to start the kind of session you need.

This bundle should detect the existence of multiple sessions and ask which to connect to. Please note it is not currently possible to send text to multiple IPython servers at once, but there is no reason why it shouldn't be possible in future.

The command Open IPython will open a terminal and start the server up for you. In addition, it should be fairly easy to add these commands to your config file.

To make this more robust, using something like:

import ipy_vimserver
ipy_vimserver.setup('session-%6x' % time.time())

Will give you a time-dependent socket name (with no extra . chars).

Configuration Files

A simple language grammar for highlighting ipythonrc files in also included. You can switch the language grammar to the ipythonrc type by pressing ⌃⌥⇧I (Shift + Cmd + Alt + I). A bundle command is also available for easy editing of the ipythonrc and ipy_user.conf files (provided they live under ~/.ipython).


This bundle is best installed using GetBundles. You can also clone it from GitHub, or download a tarball.

To install GetBundles:

  1. Open a Terminal
  2. Type: cd; svn co http://svn.textmate.org/trunk/Review/Bundles/GetBundles.tmbundle/
  3. Type: open GetBundles.tmbundle

To use GetBundles:

  1. Switch to TextMate
  2. Start a new document
  3. Choose GetBundlesGet Bundles from the Bundles menu.
  4. Browse or search the list, select IPython and hit Install Bundles

It is also advisable to update the support directory, which can be done using the Advanced Drawer in GetBundles.

Help, Suggestions or Feature Requests

For help, please use the Google Group, for suggestions, feature requests, bug reports or patches, please post to the IPython-dev mailing list, please prefix the subject line with [TextMate].

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