Created: 2008-11-07 11:33
Updated: 2016-05-08 16:24


!!! WARNING !!!
These scripts executes commands and modify files, so NEVER 
unpack them in a public accessable folder on your system.
Make sure its protected in some way. To make this working,
remove the die() line from the config.php.


This package contains some simple php files for partially managing your subversion installation:

  • create-repository.php - Creates a new SVN repository in the repository parent dir.
  • svnaccess.php - Modify a file, where the access rights on your repositories are configured
  • modify-post-commit.php - Modify the post-commit hooks of all repositories within your svn parent dir.
  • htusers.php - Add and remove users to htusers file for repository authorization

These are simple scripts fitting my needs with only a small number of dependencies:

  • The webserver needs to be able to write to the repositories
  • The webserver must be capable of executing svnadmin (Must be on the path)


This package is free as-is. Take it and do whatever you like.


Installation is easy:

  1. (Configure Apache to serve your repositories and secure them)
  2. Unpack the tarball into a folder accessible by the webserver
  3. Secure the folder e.g. with htaccess
  4. Modify the config.php to fit your needs and remove the die() command at the top

Project home:

The project is located at Github.


  • ZeissS zeisss(AT_)
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