Created: 2008-11-04 23:20
Updated: 2015-12-02 13:59

clj-pt: a Clojure library for the Pivotal Tracker API

Pivotal Tracker API

Install using leiningen

Sample Usage:

           ; (use-ssl) or (no-ssl)
           ; (use-ssl) is on by default
           (use 'clj-pt)
           (def token "--token--")
           (def project-id 1234)
           (def my-project (project token project-id))
           ;; fetch a list of all the stories as maps
           (my-project all)
           ;; what has my boss requested that hasn't been started?
           (my-project all (requester "Pointed Haired Boss") unstarted)
           ;; all unstarted bugs
           (my-project all unstarted bug)
           ;; what's ready for QA?
           (my-project all delivered)
           ;; how big is that?
           (points (my-project all delivered))
           ;; what are the names of those stories
           (reduce-stories (my-project all delivered) :n¯ame)
           ;; returns (("name1") ("name2")...) 
           ;; create a story
           (my-project add {:name "My Story" :requested_by "Wilkes Joiner"
                            :description "This is a story of a man named Jed"})
           ;; lookup my story, then throw it away
           (def my-story-id (:id (first (my-project all (:requester "Wilkes Joiner") 
           		    		                    (exact "a man named Jed")))))
           (my-project delete my-story-id)
           ;; get all the ids, names and descriptions for the unstarted bugs
           (reduce-stories (my-project all started bug) :id :name :description)
           ;; returns (("123" "name1", "description1") ...)
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