Created: 2008-11-02 21:45
Updated: 2018-02-21 13:10
License: isc


Ruby.sugar Maintenance status: Unmaintained!License: ISCChat: IRC on Freenode.netFollow my work on Twitter

A simple first stab at a Sugar for the Espresso text editor for Ruby source development.


First install any and all dependencies, listed below. The instructions for doing so can be found on their respective homes.

Clone this project somewhere, with the following:

git clone git:// ./Ruby.sugar

And then link it to your syntaxes directory:

mkdir -p "~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/"
ln -s "$(pwd)/Ruby.sugar" "/Users/$(whoami)/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/"

This project is released for public usage under the terms of the very-permissive ISC license (a modern evolution of the MIT / BSD licenses); more information is available in COPYING.


More information

You can reach me (elliottcable, the author of this project) in the Espresso IRC channel almost 24/7:

##Espresso on Freenode (open in browser)


The naming conventions among Sugar developers and themers aren't really concrete as of yet. Thus, there's a good chance that a given theme won't be able to show all of the data about a a given file that is associated with a given sugar as of yet. Specifically, the default theme that is currently being distributed with the Espresso previews can't handle this Sugar - if you just plug this Sugar into Espresso, you won't see much interesting stuff in the way of highlighting.

This situation will improve when we come up with a set of community standards and start adhering to them, until then, hang tight. Espresso's built-in theme and Sugars should all be adhering to the standard by Espresso's 1.0.2 release (by 1.1 at the latest).


  • Syntax/Itemizers
    • All other flow control elements (if/unless…then…else, case…when, begin…end, all of the above plus …rescue…ensure)
      • Make sure single line uses work as well, including rescue.
    • 'Fix' the whole method- and block-arguments thing, it's really inadequate right now. It really should be describing what arguments allow, not just pulling in the variable collection (for the most part).
    • Method calls, including arguments and blocks.
    • Class/module definitions
    • Operators
    • Fix the regular expression interpolation SyntaxInjection such that interpolations work inside other regex structures, such as groups
    • Octal/Hex, and Control/Meta string escapes.
    • Heredocs
    • Ranges
    • String-ish Symbol syntax (:'foo bar', :"gaz #{123}")
    • Strange symbols (:*, :[]=, etc)
    • Arrays, including percent-delimited syntax (Might be hard, the syntax is so very simple)
    • Hashes
    • Special method names that aren't simple symbols
    • echoed shelling out, as well as %x(the percent delimited variant)
    • More advanced heredoc support
      • Nesting, see Thomas' heredoc stuff in the Experimental Ruby tmbundle
      • Support embedded languages, especially via injection
    • Fix it so that slash-operators (division operators) are properly regcognized as different from regexen, where appropriate (see how ruby handles it here:
  • CodeSense
    • Everything!
  • Actions
    • Running Ruby scripts from within Espresso
    • Everything!
  • All new 1.9 syntax
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