Created: 2008-10-31 23:12
Updated: 2016-05-08 16:02


Starburst_Debug_Console - Debugging and profiling console for Solar

Solar is a framework for PHP5. Starburst_Debug_Console is a debugging and profiling console for Solar applications. Once installed, you will see a console on top of your website which has information about the request and PHP environment.


  • No coding needed. You only need to set a few config values.
  • SQL profiler (through Solar_Sql)
  • Log viewer (through integrated custom log writer for Solar_Log)
  • PHP environment view ($_SERVER variables)


  1. Install the files somewhere in your project.

    I recommend using the "Solar system" project structure. In this case you should put the files under $system/source/starburst-debug-console.

  2. Add Starburst directory to your include_path.

    If your project is a "Solar system", you can add it to include_path with:

     cd $system/include  
     ln -s ../source/starburst-debug-console/Starburst .
  3. Add symlinks to your Public dir.

     cd $system/docroot/public  
     ln -s ../../source/starburst-debug-console/Starburst/Debug/Console/Public ./Starburst_Debug_Console
  4. Configure the debug console.

    Here's an example configuration:

     // turn on SQL query profiling
     $config['Solar_Sql']['profiling'] = true;
     $config['Solar']['registry_set']['debug-report'] = 'Starburst_Debug_Console';
     $config['Solar']['registry_set']['log'] = array('Solar_Log', array(
         'adapter'   => 'Starburst_Log_Adapter_Var',
         'events'    => array('notice', 'debug', 'warning'),
     // display only when in browser
     if (PHP_SAPI != 'cli') {
         // this will display the console
         $config['Solar']['stop'][] = array('debug-report', 'display');

    You might want to put the configuration inside a conditional so that the console is shown only in development environment.

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