Created: 2008-10-30 15:50
Updated: 2016-05-08 15:55


Carlo's Greasekit/Greasemonkey Scripts

A few userscripts I wrote. Nothing special.


Adds Instapaper links to all GR items. Look for the little scissors next to the item headlines.


Twitter user reputation display, c/o Twitter Twerp Scan.


I am tired of having ISM open popups. Me want standard links, so this script rewrites all popupLandscape() links on the page to be regular links.


The Austrian radio station FM4 offers a so-called "track service" which lists the songs of the last few days sorted by date and time. It makes it very easy to find that great song again they've played during your lunch break. This script adds a link to each song's page.


I love, but I only use their ticketing system, not the repositories anymore. Hence, the ticket pages' "Associated Changesets" column is a waste of space to me. This script removes it and widens the comments column instead.


Hendrik complained about the Twitter updates in all the Facebook profiles. So I've spent a few minutes on a script that'll hide those.

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