Created: 2008-10-29 21:29
Updated: 2016-05-08 15:52


This is a very old and outdated library, if you attempt to use it against the current version of Gnip it will not work. I'm leaving this code up on github only as a reference.


Welcome to Gnip's Java convenience library!

This library produces a single JAR file called gnip-client-.jar that can be used to conveniently access Gnip services. The implementation depends on Java 1.6 features; Java 1.5 or earlier environments are not supported.


Building this library requires maven2. Maven can be downloaded from

To build the library, run: mvn compile

To clean the library, run: mvn clean

To package the library into its JAR, run: mvn package


To test the library, create the file:


which holds the username, password, and host properties used to connect to Gnip. This file should be of the format: gnip.password=goempire gnip.publisher=mypublisher

the number of seconds to wait between each test's setup / teardown


Note, the JUnit tests publish activities to a Publisher. You can only own publish activities to a Publisher when you own it, so create a Publisher and provide its name above in the "gnip.publisher" property.

To test the library, run: mvn test

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