Created: 2008-10-29 16:44
Updated: 2017-04-24 04:54
License: other


Multi-level vCards

This is a tool to allow easy publishing of a vCard on the internet, with different levels of information being made available to different people.

So, everyone (including Search Engine crawlers) would be able to see a base level of information that might include things such as your name and links to your profiles on the web. Acquaintances you might give access to your email address and telephone number. Close friends you would give access to your entire vCard.

Maintaining this system is simple because all you need to maintain is your normal vCard on your own computer. Then, whenever you wish to update the information available about you on the web simply export that vCard and upload it to your site. The system will make sure that the only information that people gain from your vCard is the information you said they could have.

Current State

Currently, the tool is very much geared up for use by me and my particular use case. The main thrust of my work on this project right now is to produce more testcases and refactor the code to generalise it and make it more easily usable by others.

Feel free to take the code and poke at it. If you see things you like or don't like, please tell me. Feedback helps me shape where this project goes.

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