Created: 2008-10-29 00:04
Updated: 2016-05-08 15:49



(c) 2008 Jason Frame (
Released under The MIT License.


site-skel is a small command-line tool for generating website templates. Generated sites include reset stylesheet, conditional IE stylesheets, SWFObject and jQuery (plus some common plugins). Supports multiple file layouts (static HTML and simple PHP project included), plus layout variants (e.g. "2-column-fixed", "3-column-fluid"). Static files are laid out according to Rails' conventions ({images,javascripts,stylesheets}/).

site-skel runs off the filesystem and the variants are generated using ERb so it's easily customisable. Unfortunately we don't currently support sourcing data from anywhere other than the gem's install directory so if you intend to create your own layouts and variants the best idea is probably to fork the repo.


sudo gem install site-skel


Basic example; create a static HTML template with the default variant in directory foo:

site-skel foo

Create a PHP site template using a 2-column variant in directory baz:

site-skel -l php -v 2-col baz

That's it, have fun.

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